#MakeAMoveTour Hits London

thEvery level of the Shepherds Bush 02 Empire was packed with Gavin DeGraw fans, who were anxiously awaiting his arrival on stage. This sold out concert would be the second night of his Make A Move tour and the first time he had been back to London in 2 years.

He jumped straight into the set featuring songs off of his third studio album, Make A Move and appropriately, that was the first song of the night. Right from the beginning, the audience were echoing back the lyrics of his songs to him making it feel like we were all apart of this musical journey. Besides a “thank you” or “how are y’all feeling?” there was little interruption between songs as he seamlessly moved with his band through  a combination of songs from the third, second and first albums. Songs from the first album included “Chariot” (title song) and “Follow Through”.

But the song that everyone was waiting for was “I Don’t Wanna Be” and he made us wait it out, painfully until pretty much the end of the night. This tune put him on the map since it was the theme song to a famous show called One Tree Hill. He was reminded of this, when a crazed fan in the stalls shrieked: ONE. TREE. HILL!

The more insane the audience got with their howling and shrieking, the more he fed off of it. He bravely ventured into the stalls and embraced the clawing/grabbing of the female members. One thing that impressed me was the artistry that he displayed live. Some of the songs that I had listened to over and over again via my iPhone only grabbed me with the live arrangements with his incredibly gifted band. This was solidified for me when he covered a Billy Joel and Adele song – one had a piano arrangement and one with the band, that included a guitar solo.

He gave his all to the audience and in return the audience were committed, joyful and interactive the whole night.

Gavin DeGraw Instagram

Gavin DeGraw Instagram

If he is coming to a city or town near you, CATCH HIM WHILE YOU CAN!


Spring, Coming Soon…


Londoners, we have survived the winter…barely!

The last week or so there have more consistent glimpses that spring is approaching with the more frequent sunny days instead of rain downpours. The only way to properly prepare for spring is to have a playlist for your iPhone, iPad or on your Spotify.

Surely you have already started composing your playlist but to help you out, here’s 5 songs to get you hopping for the arrival of spring:

1. Tomorrow (from ‘Annie the Musical’)

With lyrics like when I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely/I just stick up my chin and grin and so oh/the sun will come out, tomorrow; it’s hard not to feel excited about the possibility of waking up with the sun shining through your window on a daily basis. 

2. Dance Apocalyptic (by Janelle Monae)

Janelle Monae’s star is rising quickly since the release of her new album “Electric Lady”, a dance/electric pop album. But Dance Apocalyptic is the song to dance to at picnics or for the house parties when the patios and yards are back in session after a long hibernation. 

3. Here Comes The Sun (by the Beatles) 

Fun fact about this song – George Harrison’s was inspired to write this song from the long winters that England experiences and personally, felt like they went on forever. It seems appropriate for the winter that we have experienced this year.

“Here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright” 

4. Flowers In Your Hair (by the Lumineers)

This song by the band The Lumineers is a beautiful song to get you into the zen mood to welcome spring as your best possible self and ease you out of the winter blues. 

5. Beautiful Day (by U2)

To finish the songs off is a classic song by U2 to welcome you into the spring state of mind and enjoy getting the clothes out for the picnics and festivals. 

Boyband Against Boyband


Source: Telegraph

With the insane success that One Direction, a product of X Factor have had, the comparisons  to other boybands like the Backstreet Boys have been floating around Twitter for a few months now. Even celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical 1,2 an 3; The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hellcats) are making the connection:

@ashleytisdale: Honestly One Direction‘s ‘One Thing’ is taking me back to teenage days listening toBackstreet Boys. I LOVE this song!

The questions that some people might ask, include: are One Direction a carbon copy of the Backstreet Boys? Will their current fans go wild if they come back for a reunion  8 years after they split and release 2 new albums plus go on tour?

On the surface, these two boy bands may appear to have a lot in common but when you look deeper there are distinct differences. Some obvious similarities that jump out are, they both – have five members, the members of One Direction are in the same age range of the Backstreet Boys when they formed back in 1993 and have a huge fanbase in Europe.

In my opinion, a lot of what sets the Backstreet Boys apart from One Direction fall under the “generation differences” category. A lot has changed since the 90s in the music industry. The different beginnings of each group is what pops into my head. The Backstreet Boys (referred by their fans as ‘BSB’) started as a vocal harmony group and answered an advertisement to audition for record labels. The platform that X Factor gives wasn’t available to them. In addition, they weren’t each hand chosen by the Hand of God (aka Simon Cowell) to be in a group in front of a live audience every week. An audience that then fuelled the Twitter conversation about them during and after each show.

What auditions looked like in 1993 versus One Direction’s:

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson’s charisma and free spirit cannot be denied but the use of social media has been their biggest asset. Through tools like Instagram and Twitter, they are able to relate to their audience on a human level as just regular lads who happen to be part of an internationally famous boyband.

Their songs portray that image as well. The image that I would describe as regular teenagers who are going through the phases of heartbreak, relationships and growing up. But as time goes on and their audience grow, will they grow with them?

Something the Backstreet Boys have done seamlessly throughout the years!