About Us

MattMatt Hooper

I’m the editor (lol) of ‘Sneezed On The Beat’. I spend half my life consumed in pop and the other half wondering which character from ‘Girls’ I’m most like (I’m currently thinking Hannah although Shoshanna too – point proven). My ambition in life is to be featured on a Pitbull song.

“Sweeter than tequila, but you only get one shot,” – ‘One Touch’ by Mini Viva

1398753_316414671829981_2097033250_oAlexandra Gray

I’m the sub editor of ‘Sneezed on the Beat”. Referred to most by Cassie, since it is my favorite character in a musical – Chorus Line, for those that were trying to get the reference. I spend some of my life (okay, most) obsessed with American TV shows and the characters in them. When I am not creating scenarios in my head with the characters, I am on YouTube watching every music video I can find.

I believe that the 90s was the best era!

blackandwhiteNatasha Bandlish

Hi, I’m Tash and I write for Sneezed on The Beat. I’m really passionate about music, and when I’m not busy writing about it, I’ll often be recording or composing. Aside from music my interests include photography, travelling and food (lots of it).


1501725_10202164879380242_700192894_nGrace Faulkner

As the Production Editor being organised is kinda my job but if you look in my wardrobe, ‘organised’ would be the last thing you’d describe me as! Keeping the fellow sneezers in line is a tough job but someones gotta do it! Everything on here is fresh from the tissue of pop as we keep you updated with the pop world! Enjoyyyyy!


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