Brit Awards 2014

Hosted by an intoxicated James Corden for just shy of two and a half hours, the entirety of the Brit Awards event evolved into a painful endurance of television. Hosted in London two weeks ago, the occasion acted as a showcase of all the best in British music. Apparently.
With the Artic Monkeys picking up ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best British Group’, it inspired frontman for the band, Alex Turner, to congratulate himself and peer review his work as ‘saving rock and roll’ as a contrast to the usual ‘sludge’. However, the modest singer seems to have forgotten about changing his accent on the Monkeys’ newest album –AM – just to reach an American audience. Selling out, though, would probably be most unfavourable among many of the greats of rock and roll – accidentally casting him into the defamed ‘sludge’ isle.
Human zombie David Bowie picked up the ‘Best British Male Artist’ award – 30 years since last receiving the title, and featured an interesting debacle for his acceptance speech. Adding a final nib at the end of his swift diction – ‘And Scotland, stay with us.’ Like he thinks his own voice carries that much gospel, and would be single-handedly saving the UK. Either that or the 67 year old is outstandingly arrogant.
brits2014-statues-pianoOn another note, and moving away from the pretentions of the event; some good awards were given away to deserving artists. A small party-bag of independent and new artists were cherry-picked for nominations, supporting small-gone-big artists – just like the Brit’s are meant too. Bastille, Rudimental and Lorde all swept up an accolade at the night, despite only recently entering public eye.
However, the Brits have evolved into a festival of morbid pretensions where watching singers and celebs pat each other on the back is an excruciating challenge of viewership. Although quite cute in its original ideas of rivalling the AMA’s or Grammy’s, the event still has a while to travel.


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