25 Reasons Why The Saturdays Are The Best Thing Since The Spice Girls

A list appeared on Buzzfeed a week or so ago about how Little Mix are the best thing since the Spice Girls. Although ‘the Mix’ have got ‘Move’ under their belts, Buzzfeed missed a key detail: The Saturdays.

Here are The Saturdays.

The Saturdays

(source: thesatsgifs.tumblr.com)

They are the best thing since the Spice Girls.

The Spice Girls

(source: oakiee.tumblr.com)

1. They have some incredible songs. Exhibit A:

2. Exhibit B:

3. Exhibit C:

(the list goes on)

4. They have the best B-sides.

5. Not forgetting some album tracks that really should have been singles.

6. They consistently have the best single covers in the UK.

All Fired Up


Not Giving Up


7. That logo.



8. They made the humble bar chart the chicest way to travel.


(source: thesatsgifs.tumblr.com)

9. This is the most fashionable use of umbrellas since ‘Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)’.


(source: thesatsgifs.tumblr.com)

9. They had the best music reality show of all time. The moment when they heard that ‘Missing You’ was Number 1 in the mid-weeks was priceless.

10. It got to Number 3, which led to this. It’s almost refreshing to see a band be disappointed with a chart position (rather than the usual media-trained spiel).

11. This also made it much more special when they got their first Number 1. It was like watching your child at their graduation.

12. They have phenomenal hair and equally brilliant hairography.

All Fired Up

(Source: thesatsgifs.tumblr.com)

13. They’ve mastered the art of ‘hiding a pregnancy in a music video’.


14. They have the cutest children in pop.


A post shared by UNA HEALY (@unahealy) on

15. They had a choreography session to help them walk in time. The struggle is real.

16. Una is married to Ben Foden. What a beautiful couple.

Just taken our seats at the @PrideOfBritain awards X

A post shared by UNA HEALY (@unahealy) on

17. Rochelle is married to Marvin from JLS, making them the UK’s Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Happiness makes me whole ❤️

A post shared by R O C H E L L E H U M E S (@rochellehumes) on

18. Frankie is engaged to Wayne Bridge (Posh and Becks?)

So much love ❤️

A post shared by Frankie Bridge (@francescabridge) on

19. She’s the youngest ambassador that mental health charity ‘Mind’ has ever had (she’s basically the best role model).

20. Mollie is a beacon of joy.

21. And she loves Britney. You literally cannot go wrong with anyone that loves Britney (this has not been clinically tested etc).

22. Vanessa’s voice.

23. They’re really good at selling stuff.

Honestly, who doesn’t want one of those curling ‘things’ after watching that?

24. They’re actually just really good friends.


(source: fieryfrankie.tumblr.com)

25. But mostly, what an incredible discography.


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