Katy Perry… Record breaker

Katy PerryKaty Perry is one of the most successful women in pop today worth a steady 95 million dollars! Releasing her first single in 2008, ‘I Kissed A Girl’ went straight in to the Billboard charts at number 1 and stayed there for 7 weeks matching a record made by The Beatles. The debut single was nominated for 5 MTV video awards and was the most watched video on MySpace in 2008. Impressively it also made it to number 1 in 22 countries! How’s that for a first single?!

6 years on and Ms Perry is still dominating the charts with her latest single ‘Dark Horse’ but what makes the pop starlet so good?

Katy Perry’s second album ‘Teenage Dream’ equals the record set by only Michael Jackson of 5 number 1 singles released from the Teenage_Dream_(Katy_Perry_song)same album. Last Friday Night, Teenage Dream, ET, Firework and California Girls are all catchy, pop songs that you’ll be forced to set on repeat. However, the success of her songs is really owed to the lyrics.

‘Firework’ is all about building self esteem perfectly inspiring her mainly teenage audience, ‘Teenage Dream’ is an upbeat love song perfect for its release in the summer and ‘California Gurls’ shows Jay-Z New York isn’t the only place dreams are made!

Setting the bar pretty high, ‘The One That Got Away’ would then make the sixth number one single released from the album, is there any stopping this woman?

The lyrics of her songs are what sets her apart from her competition which is why she is so successful. Every twenty-something young woman can easily relate to  Teenage Dream and The One That Got Away at some point in their lives making the more enjoyable. Her HUGE appeal also comes from the fact she’s gorgeous (don’t deny it) and isn’t stick thin meaning we can reach for that Snickers without feeling guilty!

Teenage Dream is one of my all time favourite albums and clearly, millions of you agree as she continues to sell albums and break records.


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