Lily Allen: Still Alright?

Lily Allen


In the time before acoustic guitars and faux-modesty, Lily Allen was Britain’s finest female pop star. She had two triple platinum albums. Plus ‘The Fear’. What a song.

In 2010, she took a break (she called it a retirement but seeing as she’s back it was more of a hiatus).

But something has changed since her return to pop. Her appearance on last weeks episode of The Graham Norton Show failed to impress the tweeting public.

In a review of her new single ‘Air Balloon’, Robert Copsey of Digital Spy wrote: “she’s only three songs into her comeback, but Lily Allen is already starting to sound fed up.” Has Lily Allen failed to rekindle what she left in 2010?

The answer is no: Lily Allen is better than ever.

‘Somewhere Only We Know’ was literally terrible. She doesn’t particularly like it though. So much so that she called the Radio 1 Breakfast Show to get it removedΒ from the database. It’s this self-awareness that separates her from the pack. Is Ellie Goulding’s favourite Ellie Goulding song the Leona Lewis reject ‘Burn’? Probably not.

‘Somewhere Only We Know’ aside, Lily Allen is yet to hit a bum note during her comeback. ‘Hard Out Here’ is a proper comeback single. Controversy is matched here equally by general brilliance, which is further combined with an intelligent video (the ‘Baggy Pussy’ balloons are still genius). Eva Wiseman (from The Observer) called the song ‘a feminist text with a really catchy drum beat. This is not JUST a pop song, this is an open letter to the Mail Online.’

New single ‘Air Balloon’ is completely different though. Bradley Stern, of MuuMuse, writes ‘sure, it’s not nearly as biting as ‘Hard Out Here’. But does it need to be?” No, it doesn’t. Releasing two controversial singles in a row rarely works. Even Miley Cyrus gave in and released the melodic ‘Wrecking Ball’ after ‘We Can’t Stop’.

Her (incredibly titled) album ‘Sheezus’ is out in May, and includes a song called ‘Chipping Norton’, which is about the phone hacking scandal. In an interview with Q Magazine (Issue 331), she said ‘I like to be frank, whether it’s about sex or politics or feminism’.

Lily Allen hasn’t lost it. Forget balls, she has the biggest tits in pop.


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