I Dream Of Debuts Gone By – 4 Original Albums You Might’ve Missed.

The past few years have held host to a brevity of interesting and exciting album releases in the pop genre. Sets such as Lady GaGa and Miley have all heightened the standard demanded from new releases today. However, some of the biggest names in popular music have a large portion of their original albums ignored or forgotten. Works that originated many years and decades ago lost in the collective minds of today’s music-lover.

Lights (2010)
Now, not taking too far back of a step to start with – Ellie Goulding’s debut ‘Lights’ threw the young, British singer into the limelight almost immediately. Released at the start of this decade, the carefully composed set list does herald many well remembered favourites – including ‘Starry Eyed’, ‘Guns and Horses’ along with Elton John cover; ‘Your Song’. Despite only making it to 26th in the UK Albums Chart – it was enough to propel her into the consciousness of the British public – compelling her to write and release her more popular second studio album – ‘Halcyon’ in 2012.

Take That and Party (1992)
Okay, okay – admittedly considered a ‘dad-band’, the boys’ development and contribution to pop is undeniable. Their first album released in the early nineties showcased the abilities of British groups with their two stand out singles – ‘It Only Takes a Minute’ and ‘A Million Love Songs’. The resulting effects of their twenty plus year reign in pop is the string of boy band popularity in the UK, influencing groups such as Blue and Westlife. With a new album due later this year, their long-standing popularity still stands the test of time.

Homework (1997)
Not normally considered a pop group – Daft Punk’s new foray into the genre with ‘Random Access Memories’ marked a new stage in the French-duo’s constantly evolving sound. After receiving accolade after accolade last year (and also notably at this years’ Brits) the band have gained more sterling international recognition. If ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’ introduced you Daft Punk – the evolution of the group’s attitude towards a spectrum of genres; (house, electro, funk and pop) is never more present in their debut.

Taylor Swift (2006)
Taylor Swift-Taylor Swift [Front]
Although it’s only been a brief five-year gap between ‘RED’ and her debut, Taylor Swift’s self-titled album highlights the rapid adaption of a solo artist’s music genre. Originally combing standard pop sounds with her own home-grown taste of banjo string and accordion, the country-style twist is well received. Also, the singer of ‘22’ sounds fresher in her early days, straying from the confines of a multitude of different styles but still pleasing; if anything – more so. Impressive especially for a girl who was 16 at the time.


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