Will ’24’ be Adele’s best album?

AdeleAOTYMulti award winning, Brit School success Adele is set to release her new album earlier than expected.

Reports last year suggested the new album would be released mid-2014 however an insider last week said: ‘Label bosses are getting very excited and word has spread around the industry like wildfire to expect Adele’s new material imminently.’

Her two previous albums, 19 and 21 have seen her swoop an impressive ten Grammys.

But what can we expect for album number three? ‘Rumour has it’ (see what I did there?) Adele has teamed up with the likes of Prince, Phil Collins and super soughtafter songwriter Diane Warren to compose her third album and if that line up is anything to go by, it could be her best album yet!

Inspiration for previous album material has come from heartbreak with former love interest and photographer Alex Sturrock, hence the severe hate for men, drowning of sorrows and the need to reach for untitledthat tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Since the release of her last album 21, in early 2011 Adele has had a pretty good three years. Her former ‘bad luck in love label’ has been tarnished as she is now happily engaged to CEO of Drop4Drop, Simon Konecki and gave birth to gorgeous baby boy ‘Angelo’ on October 19th 2012.

So, we’re thinking this next album will be full of ‘lovey dovey’ songs, tales of motherhood and dedication serenades to her bouncing boy. Last year, Adele did admit this album would be more stripped down and acoustically led although there was suggestions of her also working with more modern artists like superstar DJ and producer Calvin Harris and Florence and the Machine in order for her music to “move with the times”.

Following on from her simple, number based album titles Adele’s publicist Paul Moss revealed the third studio album would be called 24, with the first single being released in March.

Straying from her power ballad roots with full orchestras will leave fans eagerly anticipating the third album in the hope the pop songstress won’t be changing her material too much and be forced to mould into other chart toppers. Her first five years in the limelight have seen Adele flourish and I’m sure her next album will indeed be a little different but definitely even better than her last.


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