The 7 Worst Things To Come Out Of The X Factor

X Factor season is looming and as thousands of hopefuls audition in front of the big 4, here are 7 memorable contestants who we HATE to love!

7) Chloe Victoria! (Don’t be tight man this is ma life)

Having just split up with her boyfriend of 6 years and no CD player to practice on Simon eventually gives in.

*Hear those mini violins?*

6) Ablisa (sorry, but who even are you? *cue punch in the face)

The cousins/sisters/bestfriends clearly aren’t in a sisterhood sorority; the punch in the face, the painful singing, the shouting at the crowd, it was always going to be a no.

5) Brazilian beauty Wagner!

Bongo playing, chest beating, lion taming Wagner exploded onto our TV screens in 2010 and obviously, Louis loved him. The Brazilians’ success couldn’t last forever though when he got booted out of the competition in week 8!

4) Robert Unwin aka ‘Chicken factory guy’

Who can forget this guy back in 2006! Unsure whether he had the ‘X Factor’, Simon soon put that one to bed naming him the worst singer he has ever heard.

3) Chico time…

All the way back in 2005 the torso stroking, ab flashing Chico sung (kinda) and most definitely danced all over our screens singing about his love of ‘Curvy cola bottle bodies’ and even dedicating a time frame all to himself!

2) Rylan Clark

Gary accused him of trying to see how many songs he could destroy during his time on the show. TOTES. AMAZE.

Finally, in at number one… The best double act to come out of the X Factor:

1) JEDWARD (John and Edward, duh)

This pair jumped cart wheeled and roly pollied all the way from Ireland in 2009 and annoyed the nation like two flies that needed swatting! Eventually, we grew attached to these funky haired flies and they are now worth a whopping 5 million pounds! After releasing an album, touring the world and starring in a vid with Vanilla Ice there is no stopping this pop duo!

There you have it. 7 stars that were catapulted into our lives providing us with the best and the worst moments of TV over the past 10 years!


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