A Show Taylored For Fans



(Big Machine Records)

Following up the ‘RED’ album from 2012, the RED tour that hit London earlier this February proved why Taylor Swift could produce sell-out shows around the world. Fireworks, bright lights and big name special guests – all moulded together with a touch of sheer flamboyance, all culminated to give the tour that feeling of expectations being exceeded.

Highlights included a swing rendition of the her own, ‘You Belong With Me’, a brief visit from ‘The Script’ front man Danny Donoghue and a full, on stage party for her finale song – ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’.

However, sometimes the 24 year-olds’ lust for exuberance transformed into a degree of self-indulgence. Granted, with 7 Grammy’s under her belt – she’s entitled to flaunt, but the constant rotation of costume change made the music standstill on more than a few occasions. It brings about the chilling echo of 15,000 impatient fans around the arena – all anticipating the next performance from yonder stage, smothered in black.

Yet when the lights spark up again, basking viewers in a familiar red glow, and the screams begin again – attention is drawn at a newly redressed stage of dancers, props and of course Taylor herself, suited in new gladrags. And when the act resumes, it makes it feel kinda worth the wait.

The bulk of her song choices revolved around the album, not too surprising as both tour and release share the same name. But what came as a disappointment was the show only featured a small handful of ‘old’ Swift. It was felt, as snippets of film were played showing the singer’s career development through family video, that the originals were still missed.  A snippet of ‘Our Song’ was played to much fanfare from the crowd, showing that these favourites were still loved – but, instead of ‘Picture to Burn’ and ‘Cold As You Are’, we were clumped with ‘State of Grace’ and ‘Holy Ground’. Yet, this wasn’t too major of a sacrifice  – as both were brilliantly performed, and still excited the crowd as much as an original ever could.

Sadly, though, after almost a year of touring worldwide, the RED tour has come to an end. Yet while disappointing, with the announcement of a fifth studio album on the horizon, it’s safe to look forward to another Swift entry into the charts from Taylor.


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